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August 05, 2007


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In principle, we should always be talking about MORE public transit (and more funding for it), not less. ButI'm torn on this one -- if they promised to run buses every 5 minutes instead of the 20 minutes it takes to get a late-night train, I might support the idea.

Dharm Guruswamy

Much of the system in New York is three or four tracks so yes when they do work they can more easily provide service. The issue here is that because maintenance can't be done at night almost every weekend there is trackwork during the day.


How do transit systems in cities like New York run 24 hours a day with no maintenance window at all? Do they shift trains between the local and express tracks?

I don't claim to understand the intricacies of rail maintenance. All I know is that Metro would become almost useless to me without the late night service on weekends. I supposed the people who would gain most from discontinuing this service would be cab companies, and perhaps the lawyers who represent DUI defendants.

Dharm Guruswamy

Why is such a bad idea? I'd rather have night buses and FEWER weekend disrputions. Remember, in the early days of the system the system opened at 8AM on Saturdays and 10AM on Sundays. Now we have service ending at 3AM on Saturday and Sunday mornings and restarting at 7AM. Let the good folks at Metro have their maintenance window.


Who wants to stand outside in the late hours (or cold or rain for that matter) waiting for a bus because metro isn't an option anymore after midnight? Rather than making it easier for people to use transit this possible measure carries the potential to discourage future riders as well inconvience those already loyal patrons.


I have to wonder if one reason the late night ridership went do is all the incessant track work over the weekend.

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